Bailie + Greg | Wedding Lexington, Virginia Big Spring Farm


It’s Wedding Wednesday! Whoo hoo!!

This past Saturday I spent my day with the sweetest couple, Bailie and Greg, photographing their wedding and today I am able to share a glimpse into their rustic romantic day! You might remember their faces from their Mt. Vernon Engagement Session!

I am at a loss of words to sum up their wedding. Between the surprises for one another to the tears and heartfelt moments shared between Bailie, Greg, and their families, there isn’t one moment that I could choose that as my favorite. The entire day was a dream full of joy and love.

Bailie looked absolutely AMAZING in her dress! Can we talk about that back and that train!?!? YES. She honestly looked like a Princess! As we were walking to another location for Bride and Groom Portraits a little girl was watching Bailie and yelled, “Look! It’s a Princess!” and she was right!

Greg and his boys looked sharp as a tack! From the navy suit to the floral tie (go Greg!), they were ready to walk down the aisle and support Bailie and Greg in style!

Before the ceremony began Bailie and Greg took a moment to say a prayer together. They decided to not have a first look but they wanted to hold hands and have photos to remember that moment. Bailie kept saying how excited she was to see Greg and how badly she just wanted to hug him! When Greg walked to the door and she held his hand for the first time that day, her face was beaming with joy and emotion. Everything she had been feeling up until that moment didn’t matter because she was holding the hand of her soon-to-be Husband!

As the Bridal party lined up for the ceremony, everyone was waiting to see Greg’s reaction when he saw Bailie for the first time! I was told that he was most likely going to cry so I had my camera ready 😉 As Bailie walked down the aisle, Greg’s face was overtaken with a smile. You could tell that in that moment, nothing else mattered but his Bride and though he didn’t cry at that exact moment, he definitely shed some later on.

Bailie and Greg’s family joined them for a prayer of blessing once Bailie reached the end of the aisle. Then Bailie and Greg washed each other’s feet, just like Jesus did for His disciples, and shared communion with one another. It was a sweet moment for everyone there to see their servant hearts displayed for all to see.

They said their heart-felt, handwritten vows (they were SO sweet!) and sealed their promise with a kiss as Husband and Wife! Everyone celebrated as they walked, hand in hand, to enjoy the rest of their evening with friends, family, and those who could not be there but were held close in their heart.

For the rest of the night, you could find Bailie and Greg getting hugs or having heart-to-heart conversations with those who came because that is what their wedding was about. Yes, they were getting married but they wanted to celebrate those around them instead. Those were the supporters and encourages that helped get them to where they are today. If that doesn’t speak to the heart of who they are as a couple, then I don’t know what would! 🙂

Bailie and Greg,

It was an absolute honor to capture your Wedding day! There were so many moments where I looked over at Dustin or ran over to show him a photo because you are both just so sweet! I could not have asked for a more loving, more natural couple to photograph. I wish you a joy-filled, Buffalo Bills rooting, God centered marriage! I know there are great things to come for both of you when you get back from your Honeymoon! Enjoy the island!!

I hope you enjoy this preview of our time together!

Talk to you soon,



































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