Happy Birthday, Avery Elizabeth Photography!!


My little photography baby is officially a YEAR OLD!!!

It seems crazy to me that a year ago I was in Disney World, celebrating my anniversary and preparing to officially launch this little dream of mine! If you would have told me that within my first year I would have booked THREE weddings, spent time with numerous amazing families, and celebrated with some awesome graduating Seniors I would have told you that you were CRAZY. I never expected to feel so supported and loved.

In this next year,  I have a lot of dreams for AEP (Avery Elizabeth Photography)…Dreaming bigger and better things keeps me going and keeps me moving forward! Coming up, I have two weddings that I CANNOT wait to share with you! As well as a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to spend time with other photographers, grow in my skill, and come back with some killer photos and some killer new friends 😉

I also have a few secret projects that I have been working on…which is why I have been MIA for a few weeks BUT I will soon be able to share them with you!! YAY!!

So, until those secrets can come out, enjoy this dancing Michelle Tanner celebrating AEP’s Birthday!


Talk to you soon!


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