One day a week I travel back in time and reminisce on a terrible song that took over our lives for a few weeks when it came out in 2011…Friday by Rebecca Black!! I remember walking down the halls at school and teachers would play it EVERY WEEK as we walked in the building and went to our first class. At first, the students thought it was funny but after a few weeks, everyone complained about it! There is only so much Rebecca Black someone can take! 😉

On the other hand, something that I can’t get enough of? The love between Bailie & Greg! I am traveling tonight with Dustin to Lexington, Virginia to photograph their wedding TOMORROW at Big Spring Farms! What a dreamy venue!! Ahh!!!

Getting to know this couple and hearing about the details and surprises they have planned, I know that Saturday will be beautiful, romantic, and a day to remember!

I can’t wait to share more with you soon!! Keep an eye out for a sneak peek…or two 🙂

Talk to you soon!!


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