New Website Launch!!


If you have been following along, you might have seen a sneak peek on my Instagram a few weeks ago! I feel like this has been the longest few months, hiding this work in progress from you, but now you are here and exploring the new website!!

When sitting down and looking at my last site I realized that if I was a Bride or someone looking to hire a photographer, I wouldn’t have spent much time visiting my page and I wouldn’t have contacted the Photographer for more information. It was a great site and easy to use but it didn’t reflect me or my business the way that I wanted it to. So, I was determined to work hard, ask for a lot of opinions and make this new website a place where you could not only find my work and stories of the beautiful people I get to work with, but also to see who I am.

I believe that when looking for someone to capture such intimate moments in your life that if you can see and connect with their heart then you are a lot more likely to reach out to them. Since I am not able to meet everyone in person, this is my avenue to connecting and building a community where I can love and serve those around me. I’m naming this community the “AE Family” and you are invited to join. I chose “AE Family” because it is your family that you run to in times of great emotion or transition and my greatest joy is knowing that I get to foster and grow a family, not a business, with each and every one of you that follow along or have a Session with me!

I invite you to grab a snack and browse around the new site. I’ve made sure to load it with updated photos, sharing more about my heart for Photography, why I am chasing this passion, and some fun facts that you might not have known about me! Hint: They involve food, travel, and something furry.

I would love if you commented your favorite part of this new site and a fun fact about you so I know you stopped by! I can’t wait to read what you write!!!

Thank you for your support and love!

Talk to you soon!


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