Brett + Kayla | Engagement Session Front Royal, Virginia


Today I have the honor of sharing Brett + Kayla’s sweet engagement session with you!!

I have had the honor of knowing Kayla since High School! We had classes together, sang in the choir, and ran track! Kayla was a MUCH better runner than I was but we still had a lot of fun and created a lot of memories together!

I saw that Kayla had gotten engaged to Brett and was thrilled for her! I was even more thrilled when she came to me to photograph this beautiful time in their life! (insert heart eye emoji here!) It was great to meet at Starbucks, catch up, and hear all the details for their October wedding.

I had a few questions that I sent to Brett + Kayla, asking about their favorite memories with one another and what they are most looking forward to looking back on in this journey. Something that I appreciate about these two are that they are so sincere and always themselves and you see that in their answers! I am sure that those that know them will agree!

So take a moment, read their genuine answers and enjoy the stories that these two love birds share!

Brett and Kayla, I am very excited for your wedding in October!! It will be so special to not only celebrate with you as your Photographer but also as a friend! Everyone will love the personal touches that you have in store and it will be a day to remember.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their session!

Talk to you soon!


What is your favorite memory with Brett/Kayla?

B – One of my favorite memories of Kayla would be when we were at the Outer Banks and we stopped at Sonic. Kayla expressed a strong hatred/fear of birds while the seagulls surrounded our car as we were eating our lunch. She was tired of the birds staring at her and she opened the door to chase them off. That’s when I decided to drop a french fry at her feet and the birds came after her. She jumped back up into that car so fast.

K – Plain and simple I’m a klutz, and I have fallen down the stairs in our new place a handful of time. After he hears the thud of one of my falls he says jokingly “Man, how can I marry a girl who continues to fall down the stairs?”… sad thing is I wondering the same thing myself!

 What is your favorite thing about him/her and what made them different?

B – One of my favorite things about Kayla is that she is tiny, but isn’t afraid to get he hands dirty.

K – We are big jokesters but he is a family man and has always shown that he is proud to be with me.

Brett, what was the preparation for the proposal like?

B – One night while watching the show Alone, Kayla fell asleep. I knew this was a perfect time to get her ring size. Earlier that month the ring company came to the school I work at to sell class rings and get students ring sizes. When the were finished, they had left a bunch of plastic rings for sample sizes. I snatched up a set and waited for my opportunity. Seeing that this was my chance I snuck over to my school bag and proceeded to size Kayla’s ring finger while she was asleep during the tv show. When I proposed and gave her the ring she said, “Perfect fit?! How did you know my ring size?” I proceeded to tell her the story, and to her shock and disbelief that the ring was a perfect fit. To this day I still think she thinks that I just guessed and got lucky.

Kayla, can you tell me the story of your proposal from your perspective?

K – It was on my birthday and we were at the Outer Banks with his family, a place I have been visiting with my family for years. Right at midnight he gave me a part of my birthday gift, a pair of earnings, and I was ecstatic at that. Well then we go up to the top deck to listen to the water and look at the stars, mind you there was no moonlight so we had one little flashlight. We’re talking and he says “I think I dropped something” so here I go with this no good of a flashlight looking for what he dropped- when I look up with the flashlight and he’s on one knee with the ring! I love that it wasn’t scripted, it was casual and so us!

What is one thing, at the end of this engagement/wedding journey, that will mean the most when you look back?

B – The one thing that will mean the most to me after this process is being able to say, “This is my wife Kayla Holmes and we are about to embark on a great journey. So watch out!”

K – Having the wedding band on my finger to look at daily and remind me of all the moments big and small that we have gone through together, symbolizes that we can get through anything, together.

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