The Casey Family | Lifestyle Session Alexandria, Virginia

I am normally excited to share my Sessions with you but today’s family is extra close to my heart. Its a treat when these kinds of sessions come along and I am thrilled to feature it!

Rob and Ileana were my Youth Pastors and left such a tremendous impact on my life. They were the big brother and sister I never had, loved me and carried me through the good and bad, and still continue to be like family to me even though they have been in New York for years! They have three children, which are all hilarious and full of personality! Braden, their oldest, was my little buddy when he was a baby! If I was around there was a 99% chance that I was playing with him. Ileana was pregnant with Carter, their middle son, when they moved from Virginia to New York but I had the chance to meet him one summer when I came up to intern for a week! He was so sweet and completely different from Braden but it was a joy to watch them interact. Juliet, their youngest and only girl, is the perfect little Princess! I never had the chance to meet her before this visit but I am SO glad I did! She is in love with all things girly and pretty…a girl after my own heart!

Our families got to spend quality time together just like we did when they lived here in Alexandria but I got my own time with them on Saturday morning for their Family Lifestyle Session! Thankfully the rain held off until we took the last photo! Literally! We finished as we started to feel the raindrops!

When setting up this session I learned that Rob and Ileana have been together for 20 YEARS! That is worth celebrating!! Am I right?? It is obvious to see their love in the photos but its beautiful to see the love spread from them into their kids.

My time with them brought me so much joy and it was an honor to have captured their family and Rob and Ileana’s marriage. I love them all so much!! Hopefully I will have a blog about a visit to Albany soon!

Enjoy some of my favorite photos! (and don’t forget to book your session soon!)

Talk to you soon,

Also, I promised the kids that I would feature this! I am sure that this will pop up whenever Braden finds a serious girlfriend or is old enough for social media 🙂

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