Wedding Look Inspiration | Met Gala 2017


Hey Everyone!

 Today is a new post all about Wedding Inspiration from the fashion at the Met Gala this past Monday night! The Met Gala is one of my favorite fashion events of the year! The Fashion is always pushing the limits and since the theme changes, the looks are always different.

When looking for inspiration for your dress, makeup, or hair for your wedding day the Met Gala provides many different trends to consider. Today I am going to break them down using some of my favorite looks! I hope that this helps you find the look you are searching for and inspires you to try something new when you are wedding shopping or having a hair/make-up trail!


Jumpsuits made a statement on the Met Carpet and these were some unforgettable looks. They can be sexy, simple, or dramatic to complement any personality.

Key to this Look: Structured hair


The color white popped up on the Met Carpet on Monday. So many different textures and looks but the color itself was the star.

Key to this Look: Simple hair and more adventurous makeup

Modern Romance!

 These modern princesses wore soft colors, headpieces, and flowing fabrics. Perfect inspiration for the Princess Bride!

Key to this Look: Soft makeup and romantic hair with or without headpiece


Texture was ALL over the Met Carpet. From feathers to ruffles, and flower details, rich texture was something the biggest stars wore!

Key to this Look: Strong hair and makeup to compliment tones of the outfit

 Daring Dresses!

These dresses are made heads turn when they walked onto the carpet. Kendall Jenner’s dress was one of the most talked about dresses of the entire evening!

Key to this Look: Undone hair and classic makeup

 Bold, Bright, and Beautiful!

Color is always a trend on a Red Carpet but it was next level color at the Met Gala. Bright hues with flower details, sharp cutouts, and gorgeous patterns were some statements made!

Key to this Look: Textured hair and Youthful makeup



Fringe stole my heart while watching the Met Gala! Stella Maxwell in custom H&M (right) was stunning! It made me want to buy the dress and spin/shake all around town.

Key to this Look: Focused makeup (eyes/lips/brows) and pulled back hair

Classic Simplicity!

Classic Black and White were the colors of choice paired with a simple shape to create timeless looks. Paired with modern, structured hair and simple makeup, it is a look that you can’t do wrong.

Key to this Look: Classic makeup and classic hair with a modern twist (topknot, lose waves instead of 50’s curls, and tamed “bedhead”)

I hope you have been inspired by these looks from the Met Gala! If you enjoyed this break down, let me know! Send a message or comment below!

Talk to you soon!


**Please note that these photos are not mine. I take no credit for the photos in this post.**

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