Weekend Wrap-up | Easter

Happy Tuesday!

On this wonderful Tax Day I thought that I would travel back in time to Easter weekend and share a wrap-up!

On Saturday I met up with my Uncle Del and his wonderful fiancé, Betty, for their engagement photos! After our location falling through, they were such troopers! We ended up using a beautiful field on the side of the road and it created a beautiful backdrop for theirs session!

On Easter my family celebrated Easter together at church and then we went home, did Easter baskets, and ate dinner together. It is a tradition for my Dad to hide our baskets in the yard/house and we have to search for it! Since we had lived in the same house for many years my Dad had been very creative with the hiding spots…and hiding baskets in the new house didn’t change that!

Ashton’s basket was hidden behind the shed. He was the first to find his basket! Poor Chase! His basket was hidden in the trash! (It was clean, no worries!)

Lastly, Siera. Ha! He basket was hidden in the NEIGHBOR’S yard! It was hilarious to watch her wander around and have no idea that he basket wasn’t even in our yard. Sweet, little Ashton helped her by hopping over the fence and getting it for her since she was wearing a dress.

At the end of the day, Jesus had Risen and I was able to celebrate that with my Family and my Church! Do you have any Easter traditions? I want to hear them! Dustin and I are always looking for traditions that we can start within our little family!

I will be back with more photos from Del and Betty’s Engagement Session later this week!

Talk to you soon!


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