Siera | Lifestyle Session Alexandria, Virginia


Yesterday was National Siblings Day! I got to spend part of the day with my brothers, Chase and Ashton. It was a big day because Chase took and passed his driving permit test! It was a bit delayed due to the fact that he forgot his glasses at home and failed the eye exam BUT at the end of the day, he passed and still had a free afternoon to spend outside of the DMV. We all know that is a win!!

Speaking of siblings, Siera is on the blog today! She has had a bit of a wild ride with her hair color these past few months. She thought she was dying her hair a semi-permanent dark brown color buuuuuut it didn’t fade like it was supposed to and when it came time for her to go blonde again, it didn’t exact work out like she planned. Thankfully, the transition color that she ended up with looks beautiful on her! Since she will be back to blonde soon, we had to do a session before her appointment.

I found this cute location and it immediately gave me tropical vibes. I knew that I want Siera to do her photos there and I am SO glad that she did! I only included a few of my favorites today but it was so hard to choose! Scroll down and check them out. Let me know your favorite photo!

Talk to you soon!



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