Siera | Lifestyle Session Mt.Vernon, Virginia


What happens when you have an awesome location, a beautiful sister, and a beautiful day? This session.

Over the weekend I was sick and I was actually out of work for a bit but I am so glad to be back! The January weather has been pretty amazing so far and I am so excited to see how February turns out! February also holds multiple birthdays…including Siera’s! Her birthday is this Sunday so if you are throwing/attending a Superbowl party (Go Patriots!) then you will be celebrating with her!

If you don’t know Siera, let me fill you in. She is beautiful, as you can see, but she is also hilarious. If you ever need someone to dance terribly with you, she is your girl! I know that I will always have fun with her no matter the circumstance. She loves animals and people. She will give and give until she has nothing left and then she will continue to give. We fight like sisters sometimes but thankfully we mostly act like best friends. She actually just left my house because I texted her and told her I was getting Pizza Hut pasta, breadsticks and watching America’s Next Top Model. That’s true love!!

She pushes me to be better and I push back to better her. It’s a sister thing and we learn more about it every day. We can communicate with a look and totally understand each other. We attend yoga and kickboxing classes and laugh at how clumsy we really are. She is my best friend and I love her with all of my heart. She isn’t very sentimental or emotional but that is why she has me! Ha!

So, I hope you enjoy these photos are much as I do! I hope your team wins this weekend and that you eat a lot of delicious food! Have a great weekend!

Talk to you soon!



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