Bailie + Greg | Engagement Session Mt.Vernon, Virginia


Today I have the honor of sharing Bailie + Greg’s sweet engagement session with you!!

If you have ever met them, I am sure that you left with your cheeks aching from laughing so hard! Their joy is so infectious and sincere. You can tell that their love is genuine too. During our session, I had to give them little instruction because they were naturals! The smiles, the laughs, the embraces, were all just them being themselves…so sweet!!

I had a few questions that I sent to Bailie + Greg asking about their favorite memories with one another and what they are most looking forward to looking back on in this journey. Guys, their answers were so adorable and romantic—I had to share them with you!

So take a moment, read their sweet answers and enjoy the real love that these to share!

Bailie and Greg, I am very excited for your wedding in July, for the little moments you give me the opportunity to take part in capturing, and for your love to keep growing! Your wedding will be beautiful! I am praying for no rain as well!

Talk to you soon!



What is your favorite memory with Greg/Bailie?

G – One a wintery night my sister sent me a couple pictures of the snow in Buffalo. I showed Bailie and said, “I want snow.” She looked and me and said “ok. Let’s go to Buffalo.” I though she was bluffing and she said, “let’s go pack.” An hour later we were in the car driving north. I knew then and there that if this woman is willing to drop everything to drive to Buffalo for one day of snow, she was the one for me.

B – My favorite memory with Greg would have to be our first trip to Buffalo. We had only been dating two weeks and he was taking me home for Christmas. I was so nervous to meet his family and he was so excited for me to meet everyone. I ended up falling in love with his wonderful, loving, crazy in a great way, family. It was so great to see that piece of who Greg is and to become close with the people who mean the most to him.  We had so much fun and really got to see each other in a new way

What is your favorite thing about him/her and what made them different?

G – Aside from loving me for me and genuinely wanting what’s best for me, she absolutely cares about people. I’ve never met someone that cares about everyone she meets the way that she does.

B – My favorite thing about Greg is his ability to choose joy. No matter what’s going on, he is so quickly able to see the bright side, find a silver lining, and choose joy. I really admire that about him and it really stuck out to me when I first met him.

Greg, what was the preparation for the proposal like?

G – I think I loved that I love surprises and Bailie doesn’t so much. If she knows something is coming she needs to know the details so having that power was nice. She thought she knew when it was gonna happen but I totally deceived her and she was completely surprised. Knowing that he answer was going to be yes but still being incredibly nervous all the same was pretty fun.

Bailie, can you tell me the story of your proposal from your perspective?

B – Oh boy, the proposal! It was so so sweet. He made me think he had a bad day alllllll day and it was supposed to be date night. I was so excited for date night and he was just bummed and only wanted to go for a drive. So I agreed and we went on a drive and ended up at Mason Neck State Park where he started talking about the future and how much he loved me and wanted to grow and be with me for a very long time. He then continued to say “well I guess if we wanna be together forever we should probably get married first.” And when I turned around he was down on one knee. His proposal was beautiful. He made me feel like the most special person in the world and I didn’t hesitate for a second to accept! He even went to the extent of making sure the proposal was documented by making my boss hide in the woods with her camera! (Ha! It was hilarious)

What is one thing, at the end of this engagement/wedding journey, that will mean the most when you look back?

G – After everything is done the thing that will probably mean the most is knowing that I’ve found the person that God made for me. I know it sounds cheesy but I’ve been waiting 29 years for this day and the wait is finally over. I am with the woman that I was made for.

B – I think at the end of this journey, what will stand out the most is Greg’s patience and faithfulness through all of it. There have been times where I have been so stressed and he has taken the brunt of that, with such grace and handled everything so patiently. I’m so thankful for the man that he is and the way that he continually honors me and loves me the way that Christ intended for man to love his bride.


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