The Johnson Family |Lifestyle Session Richmond, Virginia


Welcome back to the blog!!

I started off this little Thanksgiving break with traveling to my grandparent’s house with my family. I was so happy to spend Thanksgiving with them! We always have a ton of family come into town and it was great to see everyone. After spending the holiday with my family we traveled back and over the weekend I took our Staff Photos for our Church Christmas Card! I have seen the proof and it looks so cute!

While I was at my grandparent’s house I had the honor of taking family photos of David and Sarah’s beautiful family! My youngest brother, Ashton, and Cody, their son, had so much fun playing together! As I was uploading photos to my computer Ashton kept telling me that Cody is one of his best friends. It makes my heart so happy when I hear family members talk about other family members like that! ❤

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together! Enjoy and I will see you on Thursday!

Talk to you soon!



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