Isaac | Senior Session Alexandria, Virginia


I know that we are towards the end of October so why is it so warm??? I have been getting dressed in the morning and then having to go back and change because I am too bundled up! Needless to say, I am ready for it to cool back down again so I can wear my sweaters!!

This past Sunday I met up with Isaac to take his Senior pictures! We had a blast running around Edison High School! I am happy that we were able to spend that time together! I am also so thankful that he has become part of our Youth Group, You Worship Team and Church!! Its been a joy to watch your grow these past few months!

Isaac, keep your head up and keep pushing forward! You have so much to offer! I hope you have a fantastic Senior Year!!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from this session and drink your favorite Starbucks treat for me this weekend!

See you soon,



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