22 Things I have learned in my (almost) 22 Years


Guys, it is almost Friday!!!

 I am looking forward to this weekend for a few reasons! One, it’s the weekend and who does not love the weekend? Two, I am finally taking care of my roots and getting my hair done! (Ladies, you understand how it feels to go almost a full 8 weeks without coloring your hair) Last but not least, my birthday is on Sunday!! I will be turning 22 and blasting Taylor Swift’s “22” for the next 365 days or until I can no longer listen to that song.

 Whenever my birthday comes around, I like to reflect on where I have been and where I am going. So, here is a list of some things I have learned along the way! I hope you enjoy and possibly learn more about who I am!

 22 Things I Have Learned in my (almost) 22 Years of Life:

  1. You need to learn to celebrate life events, big or small, it’s worth it and you’re worth it.

  2. Quality time with those you love is time well spent.

  3. Sometimes you need to spend the extra money on those shoes because they really do complete your outfit.

  4. The scariest things in life are the things worth chasing after.

  5. Watching Cat videos, gymnastic fails, or babies laughing can turn any bad day around.

  6. There will be times where you come across a quote, song, or book that holds the power to change your mood instantly and remind you of your purpose. Hold tight to those and use them often because life is too short to take your eyes off the finish line.

  7. The right sweater is like a hug when you really need it. So buy a lot of sweaters and feel the love.

  8. Sometimes people come into your life and it doesn’t make sense but they somehow fit perfectly. You don’t have to see why they are in your life in this season but remember that God has a bigger picture for you each individually and together.

  9. Make it a goal to be the nicest person in the drive-thru because the Lord knows how many rude people have come before you and will come after you.

  10. Trust you gut. It may be in planning a wedding, or making a big life choice, or choosing the correct answer on a test, just trust your gut because most of the time you are probably right.

  11. Eat the raw cookie dough. Just do it. The sugar cookie dough with Scooby-Doo or Holiday symbols tastes the best!

  12. Don’t be afraid to create a moment. Say the words in your heart, dance freely when the music leads you, take the candid picture when you see it, but do whatever you are feeling and create the moment.

  13. Say no. You can’t do everything and that is okay. Its also good practice for becoming a parent (just kidding Mom and Dad!)

  14. Buying clothes without trying them on is perfectly okay. Just keep the receipt.

  15. Become friends with your teachers. You never know who will become like family and be at future big life events. And make sure to visit them when you are home from college!

  16. Wear white after Labor Day. Also, brown and black CAN go together with the right outfit. Fashion rules don’t define you.

  17. Breathe life into a room when you walk in, don’t suck it out.

  18. Take time to write. There is something magical about looking back at your past Self’s thoughts and being encouraged/motivated by how far you have come/need to come.

  19. Have karaoke dance parties in your car. Take it up a notch by serenading the car in front of you!

  20. Say yes to love. It will happen in unexpected ways and fear will try to creep in but stay strong and press through. When it’s right, it is so worth it.

  21. Have a strong marriage/relationship/family. You never know when life will throw you a curve ball that shatters your world but you can face that knowing that you have amazing people fighting beside you.

  22. Know God personally and the religious stuff will fade away. People will try to make it something that it is not but it is truly all about Him.


  1. Take a long shower because you deserve it. Life is hard.

 If you made it to the end of this list, you’re a trooper! Thank you so much for reading some of my (almost) 22-year-old wisdom. Check back on Tuesday for an exciting announcement regarding something happening in November!

 See you soon,


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